1、VISA, MasterCard, JCB Credit Card will be accepted as payment. (Pls try to change the other credit card If failed of the payment)




2、Western Union




The western union payment method support visa and master card to pay.

Western union support credit card online payment.We prefer the western union payment method. If you choose the payment method by western union., we will give you free Snapback Hats as a gift,If you have sent the money, please give me the MTCN number of western union .

If you have sent the money, please give me the MTCN number of western union .

Our Western Union Address:

If you pay online , you will get an email from wetsern union . 
Please call them to confirm your payment first

POST CODE:510000

If you have sent the money, please give me the MTCN number of western union . Our Email:

payment link: 

3、Money Gram




Money Gram money transfer is safe, fast and convenient. If you use this way to transfer money, Prices will be lower,  and funds are usually available within minutes. You can simply click to get more information.

Our Money Gram address: 

N0.128 YingBin, Panyu Avenue Panyu District, GUANGZHOU CITY, GUANGDONG PROVINCE, CHINA
POST CODE:510000

If you have sent the money, please give me money gram MTCN number. Our Email:



Payment FAQ


Q1: Why is my payment failed?
A1: There are several reasons which may result in payment failure. Therefore, please pay attention to the followings when you pay.

1. Your payment method should be one of those appointed by, MasterCard, JCB, American Express will be accepted as payment.

2. Your payment address should be the same as the one you used for credit card application. P.S. It can be different from your shipping address.

3. Incomplete contact details may cause payment failure. Please make sure that you input the full address, correct contact number and card holder information.

4. Your payment is likely to fail if your IP address is distant from your credit card address because in this case, the payment might be judged as high risk by the bank.

5. One ip address is allowed to pay only once in a day. It means that you can only purchase one order in a day.


Q2: Why is my payment pending after I have paid?
A2: There is chance that your payment is not successfully made. Please check your credit card statement. Once your payment is received, you can see the order status changed to “paid”. If the payment is already debited and the status still remains “pending”, please contact our 24-hour customer service at We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q3: How secure is my payment?
A3: Payments via escrow are protected with VeriSign encryption, the highest encryption technology commercially available. You can be assured that your credit card and account details will never be disclosed.